Parish PriestRev. Slawomir Kalisz
Parish Clerical StaffFrancis Pang

ChairladyTeresa Chan (Bereavement Support Group)
Vice-ChairmanFung Tai Yung (Appointed Councilor)
Vice-ChairladyNg Siu Ping (Appointed Councilor)
SecretaryJudy Ho (Society of St Vincent de Paul)
ExcoCheung Siu Tuen (Odd Year Adult Catechism Class)

Altar BoysLi Tung
Blessed Sacrament SodalityCheung Kwai Fong
ChoirCarmen Tse
Mei Lam, M.S. & M.C Coordinators’ Rep Carmen Chan
Elected CouncillorLeung Yun Keung
Elected CouncillorDavid Luk
English Community Coordinators Nida Abaya, Leonie Candolada, Analyn Aguñas, Judith Tercenio
Even Year Adult Catechism ClassKelvin Yau
Extraordinary Eucharistic MinistersRita Tsui
Lectors’ GroupClara Lai
Legion of Mary; Pastoral CommitteeChan Kam Keung
Maintenance GroupTo Sum Chuen (Elected Councillor)
Maintenance GroupHon Kei Kwong (Elected Councillor)
Maintenance GroupKwong Ming Him (Elected Councillor)
Social Concern GroupYuen Ma Lei
Sunday SchoolBarbara Tam
UshersIrene Chan
Youth GroupSally Chow (Appointed Councillor)
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of SorrowsSister Ng Kit Ying
CaritasAnnie Yan

Lord Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)